Cannabis popularly known as marijuana is derived from cannabis plants (cannabis sativa). Cannabis plants are usually grown from cannabis seeds in parts of the tropical and temperate regions but amazingly every climatic condition can suite its production. Some other names of the cannabis includes grass, dope, Maryjane, weed, smoke, high, harsh and many other names rising up daily because it has not been legalized.

Cannabis contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which constitutes the main active ingredient of the cannabis sativa, meaning that without the THC, cannabis ceases to be cannabis or simply put the strength of cannabis is determined by the potency of THC in it.

Cannabis can exist in three different forms namely; marijuana, hashish and hash oil. Marijuana is the natural flower or the leaves of cannabis and it is believed to have the lowest potency out of the three forms of cannabis. The hashish and hash oil are obtained from the gum secreted by the cannabis plant. The hash oil is the most potent of the three forms of marijuana.

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the US and in Britain. The number of people using it is gradually falling and this is because it is now believed and widely prophesied that users of marijuana are liable to have lung diseases and also that it can ruin not only your health but also you future. This is not far from correct because naturally growing cannabis plants have now been abused by people especially by adolescents and young adults.

The active ingredients of cannabis that is THC has the ability to make one feel relaxed and happy and at the same time it can make you feel abnormal and can alter your senses when abused. Several survey over the years have shown that marijuana is the second most consumed substance after alcohol.

Smokers try to create distinctions between cannabis and tobacco saying that smoking marijuana is less harmful than smoking tobacco. This ideology is not true in any way because burning is involved in both situations and this implies that free radicals are released and when combined produces toxins and harmful substances capable of affecting the lungs and can also cause cancer. In recent times, marijuana is now being vaporized rather than smoked because it is believed that vaporizing cannabis eliminates threats of toxins and carcinogens.

Several effects have been linked to the use of marijuana namely; drowsiness, talkativeness, nausea, increased appetite, loss of coordination, anxiety or paranoia and dryness of the mouth and throat among others.

While others see marijuana as a potentially harmful drug, the medical field see marijuana as cure to several health disorders in the human body.

The battle for the legalization of marijuana have been lingering for quite a while now despite the fact that it has found application in medicine.

In summary, cannabis is a naturally growing plant which is advantageous to the human health when employed medically but could be disadvantageous when it is abused all in the name of recreation.