Cannabis as we know is derived from cannabis plant seeds that is cannabis sativa. The cannabis also known as marijuana is the natural form of the cannabis plant while others like the hashish and hash oil are extracted from the gums secreted by the plant.

Many questions relating to the health benefits of cannabis have so far been springing up over the years and this is because there are conflicting ideas from recreational users of cannabis and the medical users.

For this write up, medical marijuana would be referred to since health effects is our focus.

Many health regulatory bodies have been kicking against the legalization of the marijuana and I could not agree any less because the marijuana as a drug has been vehemently abused all in the name of recreation. But how long can this regulatory bodies hold on considering the fact that the community of marijuana users are increasing annually. Research shows that marijuana is widely used especially by adolescents and young adult and about 20 million users exist in the US currently.

Before lodging into the health benefits of marijuana, let me highlight some of the short and long term effects of marijuana.


Short term effect of cannabis


Marijuana is often referred to as ‘high’. It gives a feeling of excitement and relaxation when used. It also has the tendency of altering the mood of the user. Some of the short term effects on its users includes; drowsiness, anxiety, paranoia, decreased nausea, loss of coordination, increased appetite amongst other short term effects.


Long term effects of marijuana


Marijuana on a long term increases the risk of respiratory diseases and this is usually associated with smoking it. It also results in decreased memory and learning ability and it decreases motivation at work.


Medical benefits of marijuana


Marijuana finds its application in the medical field very relevant, though there are so many controversies relating to its usage in the medical field. Medications containing THC which is the main active ingredient in cannabis is now being approved by the FDA’s.

Marijuana has been discovered to have the ability of controlling epileptic seizures and also issues relating to medical imbalance particularly psychosis and currently psychiatric homes are now using it for patients with severe psychosis which has proven to be effective over the years. Glaucoma which is a disease of the eye that affects the optic nerves and subsequently leading to a loss of vision can now be cured using marijuana. Inflammatory bowel diseases could also be eliminated by the use of the cannabis.

So many medical benefits associated with marijuana and the truth of the matter is that we cannot hide the fact that this drug is good for the health but do we pay deaf hears to the wrong usage of this drug?… certainly not!. My opinion as regarding cannabis as a drug is that it be legalized based of medical grounds and limit its accessibility to children who are apparently under-aged.


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